Creative Expression


Dream | Design | Create … This is a sort of mantra for me. Ever since I was a small human I envisioned a future where I was an inventor. I admit, I have not made all the best decisions thus far to truly follow that path, but it’s still somewhere I believe I am going.

In recent years I’ve tried to keep more of a record of my projects. It’s not something I’m great at, but I’m trying. Most of what I have here are projects from high school and college classes, although a few from outside that. And soon even more…


I’ve been writing poetry since I was able to write. I kid you not. I have a book of poetry from the first grade. I wrote my poems in the shape of animals back then. Constrictions are always fun, but more recently it’s been a way of making order of the overflow… the chaos of my mind and emotional state that I simply don’t have time to sit and process, but instead write to help me move on… or simply something that I found scintillating and couldn’t move on from until there were words to express it.

Each title links to a page where you can either read the poem or listen to it. Please excuse the recording quality, my resources are limited.


Coming Soon