About This Website

This website is certainly a work in progress, and has primarily just functioned as a repository of information, like a portfolio of sorts. There are eventual plans of doing more, but for now, this website is primarily for me and those close to me. Public as it may be, I don’t especially advertise beyond word of mouth in most situations. You are welcome to peruse, and ask questions if you have any.

About Me

I’m not much of one for the spotlight; actively sharing my interests, opinions and especially achievements has never been my forte. However, after spending a year in China, way out of my comfort zone, and being stared at on a daily basis, while maintaining a blog of my exploits, I think I’m mentally prepared enough to begin opening up to the world, and I’ve decided to start that journey with an online presence.

I have a keen interest in function; I’m always thinking about how something works and how it might work more efficiently or be more user-friendly. I find that many things these days are either highly impractical or designed for failure, and that’s most irritating. I did not attend college for this subject because I needed to develop other skills first, but now that I have I’m feeling a very strong pull to pursue something in the line of engineering and design.

I also began a journey in Health and Fitness through Team Beachbody which has significantly improved my quality of life, and I want to share that. As an introvert, making a business out the Team Beachbody opportunity is exceptionally difficult, but I do so when and where I can.

Easy things are nice, and they feel good for a moment, but if you want something that will last, you have to work for it… right? This is quite relevant for maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit, especially when you are not genetically prone to high metabolism and balanced neurochemicals. So, the rest of us work hard for it.