Hi there. It’s been a while… A lot has changed, and a lot hasn’t. It’s been troublesome to get my thoughts to the surface the past few months, so I haven’t.

Quick recap:
Camp was good but exhausting. I maintained a routine for myself in the morning, and danced myself silly every night (that had good music). Days were full of shenaniganary, and classes, and cuddles, and mindless wandering through the trees… Post-camp, I lazed about a bit, then started freaking out that I had no job, no car and no direction. I promptly got a license, found a car, and got it registered. I then spent most of October and November working for my father sweeping chimneys out in w/mass. He revealed to me that he was planning to retire soon and would train me to take over his business if I was interested. I figured those couple months would be a good trial run. They were… The season ended and I looked for different work around Boston for the winter. I started working as a prep cook for a new opening game pub in Arlington called Adventure Pub based on the recommendation of a friend (very grateful to be pointed in a direction and get hired right away). I had some experience working in the kitchen at camp, but there was certainly a learning curve. Mostly how many cups in a quart and why the rectangular metal pans had numbers in front of them. I found a comfortable pace that fulfilled my duties and wasn’t too stressful, and the working environment was friendly and supportive while being efficient. There was some trouble with budgeting, I lost my job, then was rehired a couple weeks later for less pay and a second position. Still grateful to not have had to look for another job, and I got to continue working with such fun people… April rolled in and I quit my job and moved to w/mass.

That’s about where I am now. Three weeks ago I moved out to Bernardston, MA, with my best friend Moody (aka Mahmoud). We had some trouble securing an apartment, but found something in time. Oh, I suppose I left out why we moved here… Well, I decided to take up my father on his offer. Moody and I moved here to train as his apprentices and take over his business when he retires at the end of this year. His business being Masonry and Chimney Sweeping (for the most part). We’re also helping out on a number of other projects on his land, and building the foundation for the small home we will be living in come September. It’s a refreshing change of pace and scenery out here. It’s still close enough to Boston to make a round trip in a day, even though it’s a bit exhausting, and not so far into the woods that we have no internet. Although, there is no internet in Wendell currently (which is where my father’s land is), the town does plan to install the fiber-optic cables in September. Hopefully we won’t be without internet for too long…

Reestablishing routine has been a bit of a challenge here. My diet is way off from where I’d like it, partly because Trader Joe’s isn’t a five minute walk and I have to plan accordingly, and partly because the kitchen and food storage areas are different than my previous apartment. It’s an adjustment, I’m getting there slowly… Having someone to workout with in the mornings though certainly has a perpetuating motivational effect. The both of us push each other to work harder and finish what we start.

Although free time does seem to be scarce right now, we do make an effort to go inline skating a couple nights a week, and we’re hoping to start a regular game night or something soon. Also, once we are no longer totally and utterly exhausted after a full day of work (I hear you get stronger over time when doing difficult things), we’ll be getting out more for things like concerts, social events and maybe even a hike once in a while.

Let’s see… I have kept this pretty quiet for a while, but I have been taking classes to become a Voice Actor for the past few months, and I finally have a simple website for it and both a commercial and narrative demo recording. This is a path I have been wanting to adventure down some many years now, and I decided I’d rather rack up a little more debt than regret not trying it the rest of my life. The website is DanKessel.ICanVoice.com. It’s very basic, included with the class I took, and I still have a few things to work on for it, but I’m about ready to start marketing myself in the industry. It’s very exciting, and mildly terrifying, but I’ve had a lot of fun with it so far…

In a unexpected turn of events, I ended up with a free ticket to a movie premier (Code 8, which I was an extra in some time ago), in NYC in a couple week. I’m told it’s a red carpet event. I don’t really have a suit. I need to find a suit…

I may or may not update again in a timely manner, we’ll see how things play out. Until then.

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