Dance Camp is just around the corner now; setup starts tomorrow. I’m heading down early in the morning with Mahmoud to set up our tent and whatnot. He’s planning to attend most of setup commuting between CTT and his work for the week, but I think that’s going to be a bit much.

…Friday the 13th went well. My last day of work was kind of nice. I underachieved hardcore, but my supervisor understood and thanked me for all my hard work prior to my leaving. I said my goodbyes, got some numbers, handed out some business cards, gathered my things, handed down some cheatsheets, set up a shared document drive for my team and made it explicitly clear that it was theirs to use, then grabbed my 12lb dumbbell and walked out the door.

The Game Night I had planned was severely under-attended, and everyone promptly posted in the group right after it ended that they would all make the next one, little did they know I would be gone… Moody did make it though, and we wrecked Nice Parchments (a game on the Nintento Switch) and it was amazing. We then headed back to his house for the evening, and spent the next day cutting 2×4 on his Miter Saw and screwing things together to make walls for his shed. If I remember correctly, we got three walls up, but there is still much to be done. It needs some doors, a ceiling and siding, among other things like electricity… we’ll get there eventually.

The next day was a board meeting I was supposed to facilitate via Zoom, but I had a technology fail and someone else took over. The meeting went fine I guess. It was a good example for Moody to get a feel for how our meetings work. He’s considering joining.

Most of the two weeks to follow were filled with wrapping up loose ends, working on a couple projects (but still not finishing them) and taking ample time to relax and destress. At some point I managed to crawl out of my hole and get all of my hairs cut. That was refreshing.

That next weekend had some serious competition for activities, but I ended up joining the family for a brunch. It took longer than I was expecting, and didn’t get around to the other things that day I was interested in, but it was really nice to see some family I hadn’t in a long time, and just nice in general to see everyone.

The next day I spent with a friend from work and she showed me her gamer cave with extensive collection of games from all eras of gaming. She and her partner both have some sort of business associated to games and gaming, so it makes sense. We played (traded off) a VR game that was kind of like DOOM or an FPS, but time only moved when you moved. It was pretty rad. Then we jumped on Nine Parchments, because that game is awesome.

The rest of the week was pretty tame. I mostly did the same as what I was already doing. I need some time to let my body not be stressed. Work put my body in a constant state of stress, and I just need to let go of it. Thankfully camp is coming up. It’s in a new location, which will be interesting. I’ve only a small bit of time on the land, so we’ll see. I do have a recommendation for where to set up my tent though, so at least I don’t have to go roaming around the 450+ acres of forest to find some little nook that works. Still trying to figure out the packing situation though. I’m definitely packing too much stuff, but every time I try to pack less stuff… I need all the stuff. It’s two weeks in the woods with a lot going on…

I’M EXCITED though. There’s been a lot of change in my life since last camp. It’s kind of like a milestone or temporal landmark (there has to be a word for this that I’m just forgetting). Camp is that for a lot of people…

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