I handed in my official letter of resignation, my two weeks notice on June 29th, making Friday, July 13th, my last day at SImpliSafe.

When I started working at SimpliSafe, it was a godsend. I needed a job, and it was a job, and I got it. The work environment seemed friendly, very casual, and the actual work not too difficult. I learned a lot about the product, but also learned a lot about myself, and I grew both personally and professionally. But things change over time, and at this point in time the overall stress from work is bleeding into the rest of my life and I cannot mitigate it any longer. I do not want that kind of life. I cannot have that kind of life. So I’m leaving. I don’t know where I’m going, but that is toxic for me, and I’m done.

I’ve done my best to handle everything as professionally and respectfully as possible. I hold no ill will against SimpliSafe, and honestly if I was given full admin privileges to fix things, I might even go back to help things run more smoothly, because that’s a big part of why I left. But without having the authority to fix the things that are obviously wrong and/or inefficient, it just drives me crazy being there.

I have one solid lead, a referral to a job a couple friends from SimpliSafe left to, another “check in later” position that may pan out (hopefully), and shot-in-the-dark opportunity that would pay enough I wouldn’t have to worry about money for a little while or even make a sizable investment in something, and I have the fallback of working with my father again on chimneys for a little while. I also have several projects I plan to spend some time on while unemployed, which could become financially beneficial. We’ll see what happens.

Last weekend was my best friend’s birthday party. Several of us DNE NGC folks all piled into his home for the weekend playing video games, eating food, working out together, and creating sacred space to share and be open with each other. I need more of that in my life.

I did nothing special for Independence Day, unless you count sleeping in and doing next to nothing special, which I suppose it was… The whole week after handing in my two weeks notice was a little strange. And now I’m in my final week trying to end on a high note, but every time I look at anything work related my brain glazes over and I space out. I’m just so done with everything at this job right now. I just have to outlast the week… I do have a lot of work to do this week for other things though, and I need to be productive at work even if it isn’t the “right” work. I’m helping with facilitation of the next Board meeting, and there are a lot of deadlines to make sure everything is handed in and ready for Dance Camp which is only a couple weeks away now.

So this coming Friday is my last day of work, it’s also my last chiropractor appointment, and I’m having lunch with an old family friend, and my monthly Game Night, then heading over to my best friend’s house again to help build a shed he’s been working on and nearly done with.

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