I’m feeling good.

We’re halfway through this calendar year, and things are changing. I put in my two weeks notice this past Friday and I’m leaving SimpliSafe. I don’t have anything definite lined up right now, but I’ve hit my limit of dealing with that company. I’ll miss some of my coworkers and supervisors, there were several good ones, but the people who make the decisions don’t know how to make decisions, and I’m awful tired of taking the flak. I wish ’em well, but I just can’t be there anymore. I felt like a thousand pounds lifted when I decided I was going to leave about a month ago, now that I’ve given notice, I don’t even feel like I work there anymore. I still have one more paycheck to earn, which should keep me clear for a couple months with what I have saved, then I’m free… at least for a little while. Even though working there has been so stressful, it was a job and there when I needed one, has helped me grow immensely both personally and professionally, and I’m deeply grateful for that.

I do have a couple job leads, hopefully one of them pans out, I’m hopeful and both jobs look great! If not, I do have a fallback, but I’d prefer to find something closer to Boston if possible. I also have a new perspective on my side gig, and I’m ready to put more work into it to make it successful. That new perspective and motivation is directly the result of Team Beachbody Coach Summit 2018, which I attended last week in Indianapolis. I’ll be posting something about that after this in more detail and backdating it a week to when I got back. I would have posted it sooner, but I’ve been busy.

In regards to Team Beachbody, I really jumped in with both feet at the beginning of this year, doing exactly what the programs said, doing the workouts and eating the food and when. Since the start of this year I’ve lost 40lbs, and I have definitely noticed a difference in how I feel, and what my body is physically capable of. It’s been a very slow, but steady process, and without having taken “before” pictures in January, I certainly would not have thought my “after” pictures were so significant, but wow they are. Now that I’ve really experienced the power of this process, I feel so much more empowered to sharing that on the business side of things. My life has definitely changed for the better, and I want to help others find that positive lifestyle change as well.

In other news, I’m pretty much caught up on all my appointments. Went to the doctor, nothing really new. Went to the dentist several times and got all my cavities filled, and a new sleeping appliance for my TMJ issues. I’ve been going to the chiropractor three times a week to address my spinal issues, which I think has made a real significant difference. Among other things, the frequency and intensity of my lower back pain has reduced, which is a very enjoyable thing. Then a few days ago I had a nice family dinner out in Natick. It was good to see and connect with my family. We shared pictures from our recent adventures. And this past Friday was also the Cambridge Dance Party which to be honest was way less fun than the previous year I went, mainly because I didn’t have a group of friends to hangout and dance with all night. I did see a couple friends, but things were kind of all over the place, plus they only played like three songs over the course of three hours that I actually enjoyed and wanted to dance to, other than the classic ‘must dance’ songs like the Macarena.

I’ve been on a couple dates recently, not sure if that’s going anywhere, but I’m hopeful. Always the hopeful romantic. I’m still doing my monthly Game Nights, and adding the extra community into my life has helped keep my spirits lifted, plus it’s wicked fun. I need to plan better though to get in more time with more friends doing more things. There are so many things I want to do.

I facilitated my first Board of Directors meeting for Dance New England a couple weeks ago. I don’t know why I’ve been so hesitant to doing so, I kind of enjoyed it, and it certainly kept me more engaged. I have a different way of approaching meetings, and although it may be different from how other people have run them, I think my way is most effective and way less stressful. I still have a lot to learn though, and I’m not able to handle everything that comes up in a meeting, but it’s been a really good and challenging experience and I want to do it more.

Speaking of DNE, Dance Camp starts in one month from today, August 1st. It’s going to be our first time on this new property, 450+ acres of forest, and lots of new adventures. I’m teaching a Wilderness Survival class, which I’m very excited about. Hopefully that goes better than the last time I taught a class, which was awfully disorganized. I’m also going to be teaming up with a friend to teach juggling and circus skills which is quite exciting. Cabin space is incredibly low, so I’m going to be bringing a tent, tarp and lots of cordage. I’m hoping to set up some kind of tent village with the other young adults. Or rather, adults… I think I’m getting to that point where I’m a real adult, which is totally and completely weird to think about. If I extrapolated, that would mean everyone still feels like a kid but just weighed down by responsibility. That’s some heavy thinking…

Well, I guess that’s that. We’ll see how things go.

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