Summit Brain-dump:

Thursday: Tom arrived a few hours earlier than I did because when he was telling me when his flight was to get here he was actually looking at the wrong one. I purchased my plane ticket so we could arrive at a similar time, but that didn’t really work out.

My trip to Logan airport was quick and simple. I went a way that I hadn’t gone before, Gov Center to Airport stop and took the shuttle, last time it was from South Station and the SL1. Everything fell in place, no problems checking in or getting to my gate. Security did take some time to test some of my things for bombs and drugs, but I passed.

The flight was really short, under two hours. Apparently Indianapolis isn’t very far away. I wasn’t every very good at geography when it came to the United States. I would say about a quarter of the flight was filled with other coaches, all going to Summit as well. I sat across the isle to a very friendly coach who offered to give me a ride from the airport to the city in exchange for being her copilot and navigator, I graciously accepted. I was a little worried about how I was going to get there from the airport. I was looking at the buses that ran to the city, but there wasn’t much info on them, and I didn’t really want to pay for an Uber… so I was quite relieved.

We hopped off the plane and made our way through the Indianapolis Airport, over to the rental car services, she picked up a car from Hertz and we were on our way. We missed the first turn for the exit, but we caught the one right after. It was a quick drive. She dropped me off right at my hotel, and I bumped into her several times during the following few days, event among the thousands of other people there, there were a couple people I just kept bumping into, and she was one of them.

When I arrived at the hotel Tom was out with our team grabbing drinks so I waited for him, because he asked me to, then when he arrived he asked me why I waited and didn’t just check in. Yup, that happened. It’s okay though, it was nice to just sit and soak it all in, and check some messages while waiting in the hotel lobby. We headed up to the room, he was very excited at how nice it was. There was a bed and a pullout couch, so we both had a place to sleep, which was nice. The hotel was also located a couple blocks from the Indianapolis Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium, and only a block away from the super-workout location.

Opening ceremony was held at the stadium at 9:30pm so we had a couple hours to make our way there. When we arrived, we realized we hadn’t eaten anything, and in the spirit of health and fitness we grabbed a burger and fries, of course because we needed those carbs to burn off during our workout the next morning, of course. Then we made our way into the main stadium area and met up with our team again. There were some exciting announcements made. A few new programs are being released (LIIFT4, Mes de Mas, T:20), which I’m now far more excited about and motivated to do, plus an exciting new flavor of Shakeology with limited supply: Pumpkin Spice. Special for this fall and only available as long as supplies last. Carl (the CRO of Beachbody) was very surprised at the magnitude of the response he got for announcing this new flavor. Hopefully this will result in more flavors in the future.

The opening ceremony ended, I got to actually say hello to the team (I had only met them through Facebook and occasionally seen them of team calls) and we took a group photo which was really nice. Tom and I eventually made it back to the hotel and just crashed.

Friday: The next morning we had a group workout to start the day, so we were up at around 6am for our 7:15am workouts. I thought this is what a super-workout was, oh how naive, there were only several hundred people there, why would I ever think that was super…? Unfortunately Tom and I didn’t have the same workout because we registered for them at different times of the day the month before and certain ones (like the one I did) filled up really fast. I was doing a LIIFT4 workout, and did the HIIT part which was utterly exhausting, and I must do again. That’s one of the programs that was announced, and I’m definitely getting in on as early as I can. Tom dropped into a PiYo (Pilates/Yoga) workout which he enjoyed (didn’t really get much more out of him about it other than that one move that was super hard).

Now drenched in sweat, we promptly headed back to the hotel and showered. There was another event in the stadium that morning, but the both of us were pretty wiped out and felt the need to just chill. So we took the rest of the morning slow and headed out for brunch at a local spot, which was quite excellent. The presentation we missed was nutrition focused, on Shakeology and 2B Mindset which I really wanted to see, but I was also really glad we took the time to rest because the next couple days were pretty overwhelming.

After having brunch, we headed back to the convention center and made our way to the afternoon presentation hall. There were three hours of speakers with presentations and I took a lot of notes, not something I do often. Getting all this information and hearing all these stories really has me primed to take action, which I hope I do, but I also know myself really well, so I have some serious introspection to do and decisions to make. The rest of that evening we had some more time to relax, and we may or may not have eaten dinner.

Saturday: The super-workout was at 6am. They shut down at least three city blocks for it. We got up at 5am to be outside around 5:40am and find some space for ourselves. We ended up not being able to meet up with the rest of our team, poor planning and assuming we were closer together to start I guess, so Tom and I just found our own little corner which thankfully had a bench on the side. We used it to drop our things on and near the end of the workout when I couldn’t stand, it was nice to be able to sit there and not on the ground.

Post workout, ambled back to the hotel, took our showers, rested a little and stretched, had our Shakeology and Beachbars, and did our darndest to chill. There was another general session at 9:30am. We headed over there as soon as we could move again, and super glad we did. About half of this session was the keynote speaker, Shawn Achor, who spoke about the science of happiness, and how incredible it was to be in a room with thousands of people who all support each other and push each other to success and happiness. We all did a couple activities together, and heard a couple powerful stories, and afterwards Carl (the CEO of Beachbody) did an excellent job of pulling that back in to his speech. Shawn told a story of how there is a single remote area of fireflies that all light up together instead of one at a time, and if you didn’t know, fireflies light up when mating to get attention, so it was thought that when they lit up separately they had the best chance of success, but when they light up together, their chance of success increases from 3% to 80%, and that the same applies to us, when we all help each other is a community and not just one at a time, our success increases as well. It was also explained that when these fireflies were seen for the first time doing this, it appeared that lightning struck, repeatedly, because thousands of these fireflies were all lighting up at exactly the same time, and the sky was filled with them.

The rest of the afternoon we wandered around and grabbed some food, then headed to the next series of panels/presentations, and that evening we as a team all went out for dinner. I think it was the only time all of us were together for more than a couple minutes. It was nice to get to have a real conversation, at least with a couple of people. We went to this Italian place called Buca, and they had one of the best pizza’s I have ever tasted. That pizza ended up being my breakfast the next morning too. Tom and I then packed it in and went to bed.

Sunday: Nothing happened Sunday, there was nothing planned, everyone just left one at a time. Tom went down for breakfast and I just chilled, grabbed some extra Zzz’s then we headed to the airport together. His flight was three hours earlier than mine, but it was a ride so I just hung out in the airport concourse and got some work done while I waited. Right after Tom left for his flight, Tony Horton, one of the super trainers, wandered in dodging people to get to his gate, Tom would have loved that. Next time. Then I made my way to the gate, nothing consequential happened, it was a smooth ride home, and then it was over.

I already bought my ticket for next year though, this was an amazing experience and I’m ready for more.

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