Wow, it’s been a while again. This keeps happening. I mean, I could just stop caring about it and not bother writing things down, but I’m so terrible at keeping in touch with people on a regular basis, this is the only way some people know what’s happening in my life. And sometimes it’s the only way I know what’s going on in my life after-the-fact (my memory isn’t so reliable when it comes to my own life).

So it’s been two… no, three months(?) now since I was freaking out about how SimpliSafe handled things poorly and I was desperate to get a new job. I’m still searching, but not getting a lot of responses from my applications, and the recruiters I had working with me have just stopped responding to my emails. I did have an interview at Apple recently, which I think might be a really good fit for me, but they decided to go with other applicants.

Things have not gotten particularly better at work, but I have gotten over the feeling that imminent doom was just around the corner. Now I know what’s around the corner. I heard some things that were going to happen around the office and I confronted management about it. Thankfully, they admitted what they had in store for us, and the next week they pulled us in, one team at a time, and shared with everyone that during the next several months we would have to transition into not having our phones in the office, not being able to access any website other than our company’s website, and not even be allowed to have a pen and paper. This change is due to some regulation about the size of our company and that we handle credit card information or something. I mean, I get it, but it totally sucks. So that’s a certainly a reason I’d like to find another job, but if nothing on alternative fronts move forward, I may just take it as it comes, try for promotions to stay busy and build my resume. I have also decided I’m quitting at the end of July if I don’t get a change in responsibilities one way or another (upon making this decision, it felt like a huge weight had lifted). I just simply can’t be here, sitting in the same chair come September. And with everything going on in August it seems like a good time to step away. While searching for jobs, I’m also considering going back to school again. I’m very seriously interested in Industrial Design programs, but we’ll see.

These months have been busy. Aside from work things, I’ve been keeping busy with a “new” project, which is really a project I started in October but didn’t finish mentally processing until after this past winter. I’ve been working on Version 2 of my quilted hoodie. It’s coming along pretty well so far, and I should have photos up soon with my progress.

I’ve also gotten back into games and gaming a bit more. I started playing video games, board games and card games more often. I have a “weekly” game night with a couple friends from work, and a monthly (maybe soon to be bi-monthly) game night with an assortment of friends who live in the area. Most of the time we just “walk in” with options, and choose what feels right, then play!

I bought a pair of Rollerblades and have started getting back in to Freestyle/Slalom Inline Skating. I have a couple friends who are also interested and we’ve spent some time practicing together. I hope we get more opportunity to do so throughout the summer. The Rollerblades I bought also have the option of being used as ice skates, so maybe I’ll start doing that this winter too.

Just a few days ago I bought a Ninja blender and have already started experimenting with ice creams and sorbets. I’m trying to cut out more “bad” sugary foods and I need some treats to have in that place. Making sorbets and smoothies seems like a great way to go. Plus there are nut butter and dough options and more, so I have plenty of things to try and experiment with.

It’s certainly challenging to recall everything I’ve done in the past months now. Things that have happened in no particular order: Paul came for a visit which was nice, I began adult duties of self care and made it to the Dentist’s office a couple times, also made it to the Doctor’s office but still mysterious pains are inconclusive, I got my CPR/First Aid Certification, had a wonderful family Sedar, made a little more progress with my buddy on our song, missed a couple events due to inconvenient sickness, got a haircut and am still not shaving a particular spot on my chin which has now turned into this thing they call a beard, finished registering for a giant fitness conference in Indianapolis which happens in a few weeks, started another new fitness program which I have really been enjoying but lately my energy has been lagging and I have not been pushing as hard, and since the start of this year I have lost 25 pounds feeling more fit than I have in years (regardless of having low energy recently).

Life right now is great. Work right now is awful. I’ve settled somewhere in the middle. Hopefully I’ll find something more suitable for myself this fall and bump up my total life satisfaction to the next level.

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