Gotta Get Out

Gotta Get Out

It’s been an interesting few weeks, both bad and good, all leading up to this burning need to change my place of employment. I started at SimpliSafe a little less than a year ago because I was in a financial bind and it was the first job I got. I showed up, worked hard, pushed for excellence and became complacent eventually. Recently there has been some muckery and more than just making me uncomfortable working there and feeling kind of unsafe, it was a major wake up call. I realized I was working there because at the time I really needed work, but that isn’t the direction I want to make a career, and that’s something I want to get started on as soon as possible. I have a lot of respect for a lot of my supervisors and theirs, but as a company, SimpliSafe has made some horrendously stupid decisions and I can’t be a part of it anymore.

To pick up where I left off, I had a weekend, and it was nice. I got some stuff done, but not everything I wanted. Then I had a week, a day-full week, full of days that felt like weeks… My “Monday” was pretty good, very busy, went to a talk on vital behaviors for starting a multi-level network marketing business. It was excellent, went later than I was expecting, but I learned something useful that I can easily implement. THEN, everything fell apart, then the muckery got knee-deep really fast. Some hubbub with the NRA fell onto SimpliSafe and our phones and emails were swamped with ignorance and complainery, and the occasional threat. SimpliSafe had no coordinated response, by the time “our” PR had given a statement, we were all sorts of disjointed. That lasted for about a week with some intensity, so much so that I took a week off. In my eyes, we just got sideswiped in a political war, and I’m so not into being a part of it. That was really the tipping point for me, the wake up call that had me realize why I was there…

I’ve been sorting through recruiter emails after throwing my resume up online again. Some of these people are absolutely incompetent, but I’ve connected with a couple recruiters, one from Randstad and one from JohnLeonard who will hopefully be able to connect me with a job in the direction I’d like to be moving. I’ve also done some direct correspondence with companies, but all my leads have gone nowhere. I desperately want to get out of where I am, but I want to upgrade my job not just settle for the first one again, that’s how I ended up in this mess to begin with.

This past week I had off. I needed some time to decompress and knock some things off a long list that had been piling up over the past couple months. Over the past 5 days I’ve crossed off about 75% of my list and gotten back on top a number of responsibilities, which feels amazing. There are still quite a few things I need to get back on, and some bad habits I need to cut out of my life so I can be more productive and successful (reaching my goals).

I had a couple conversations earlier this week that derailed my momentum, but my motivation is still strong and I just need to build it back up again. I’m going rock climbing in a couple hours, which is one of the best ways I’ve found to work through my problems, by sending new problems and mentally preparing beta so I can execute plans when I’m ready to commit (that’s climber lingo for … winning …). Hahaha, yeah, gonna go do some winning and feel better. Then get home, finish up some cooking and meal prep for the week, and figure out how to be as productive as possible without burning out. Catch y’all later!

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