Massive flapping spillway, overload, crash and restart, illiterate drool dribbling out of my mouth, priceless insincerity, spoken by amnesia, lost in words, distracted by sidewinding tangents and their opposites distracted by something divided by the adjacent, insecurity disguised as open expression, enigmatic phrases confused with righteous praises, rhyme schemes imitating internet memes, the frolicking collaboration… wake up, feel yourself, live breathe fresh within, yell shout scream, shuffle tumble crumble, jump soar fall and stop just before the ground, rush crash burn and wind, dive to the depths of the ultimate unknown self, don’t just look, see, if you are going to stay trapped in your rotting flesh prison you may at least want to get to know your limitations, your boundaries, your breaking point, pensive beast roaring, cranium, sound, silence, where parallel lines cross, I am a good for nothing excuse of something better, self-image, awareness, the brain licking universe, clueless, knowing, intuition, curdling the expectations of those in authoritative positions, semi lost in an alternate time space continuum, wrangling a spiraling foreshadowing of release, chasing the double helix epiphany, neurogenesis, you are eternal, we all are, we are vibrations, which never die completely, even when we cease to exist we still exist somewhere, maybe just too faint to exist, but everything has meaning, everyone has purpose, every action has a quantitative reaction, harness and initiate the absurdity of ingenuity.

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