I want to walk beyond, to touch eternity,
I want to escape my shadow, and go somewhere, anywhere, nowhere,
I want to not exist (at all),
I want to flower violently in the light that never warms my face,
I want to gallivant in the midst of the mobs that infest the streets, and not be noticed, my existence never perceived,
I want to live the unacceptable lives that we never (ever) get to live,
I want to play with the boredom we made through organized waiting,
I want to shout the colorful language of unsatisfactory decisions,
I want opinionated indifference rather than mundane belligerence,
I want confetti in a dreary parade,

I want to change,

I am coughing up my thoughts, ripping myself apart,
And, jumping off reality,
These thoughts grasping desperately,
Asphyxiate my sanity,
And through failure of bulimia, emotions traumatize my insides,
My heart in my chest, slowly beating me to death,
A pulsating uneasiness shortening my breath,
Like air being sucked from my lungs,
I feel as if I’ve sunk to the depths of dark waters,
I feel weightless above the world looking down,

There is an insatiable yearning, pulling every molecule in every different direction,
To endure in this empty joy,
I want the liquid evicted from my eyes and my scars vanquished in their flow,
I want to cry,
I want to cry,
I want to cry.

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