Frantic writhing screaming through unspoken whispers
Plastering ripples across the melodic darkness of my mind, a prisoner of itself,
Through the veil this incarceration my soulful sight is mocked
By angelic aesthetics, intangible blessings gratuitously flaunting themselves,
Grave reflections haunt my undying eyes,
Blinking away the rusting tears of anguish
Manifest a sage juxtaposition of equilibrium and chaos,
Unfathomable ecstasy gestates from this spring of spry butterflies
Leafing my great barren tree of mystic momentum,
Sinking and growing but never moving
Roots penetrating the very essence of the moral mirage which I slave by,
Sly parasites try to bore under the skin of this miraculous networking organism
And knots upon knots grow in between,
A generator in arduous labor… silent…

Big Words That Sound Like They Mean Something ~ As Spoken Word

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