Nothing of consequence happened during the first couple weeks of May… Day in, day out, things have been pretty much the same. I lead a simple life here…

Beginning around mid-May my motivation levels around interesting things spiked. I’ve been doing lot of research, thinking about grad programs, learning new software, started reading a book, been watching more talks and tutorials, started a website (, been reading articles in my fields of interest, been trying to keep up with the currents in my fields of interest, using social media more, basically becoming more active in my life. I also started working with a friend of mine who is a graphic designer for the logo for the company I want to start, and I’ve been working on product designs as well. There are so many moving parts, but it’s really interesting to be keeping an eye on everything.

Classes are going really smooth, everything is on track. Finals are in 3 weeks. After finals are over, it’ll probably take a week or so to finish all the grades and get my final pay. Then I’ll move to my other apartment, and have some time to sight see a little before going home (I still have yet to see the Great Wall of China).

I’d like to have more to say/share, but it really has been a fairly uneventful month.

As a famous man once said in a TV show “Just keep buggerin’ on…” Take care.

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