SO! It’s May… I can’t believe how fast it feels like these past several months have gone by, and the last few feel like they will take forever, as long as I anticipate their arrival… I’m currently on a short vacation, class starts Tuesday. It’s the May Day holiday. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the university had a sports meet. They had us parade in the International Education department around half the track Wednesday morning, and the rest of the day had things like relay/races and high/long jump and three-legged-like races but instead had 20+ people with their legs tied together instead of just 2… This last week though I had a sinus congestion/headache/cold, so I wasn’t very active, but it was nice to get out into the sun for a couple hours while I wasn’t sneezing my brains out, or rather inflating my head which is what it felt like. All better now though, good thing I brought lots of helpful get-healthy things with me.

This past Monday my students did their midterm debates. Everyone’s ability to speak loudly and clearly has definitely improved, but they still don’t seem to understand how research or citing sources works. Yeah, I’m a meany-pants making them do stuff, but the ability to do it well is important so there’s more to come. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do for a final exam, but I suppose I have time. So classes are going pretty well I guess…

The weather forecasts are looking to be pretty steadily between 70*F and 90*F for the rest of my stay here, and I don’t know why but 70*F seems remarkably hotter than I remember it to be. I’ve been enjoying the warmer weather, but it’s difficult to wear less than shorts and a T-shirt and still be presentable in public…

Last weekend I went on a hike with a couple of my teacher-students. I can’t remember the name of it, but the size comparison is maybe twice the size of the great blue hill. It was really nice to get outside and it was the first time I’ve been surrounded by trees since I’ve been in China. It was a fair drive to get there though, so I’m not sure if I’ll be going often if I do go back. After that we visited a really beautiful park, although everyone else thought so too so it was rather crowded. Then we visited the giant Buddha at the top of another small mountain. It was a mix of trails and stairs, and my quads still hurt a couple days afterwards, obviously I need to get more exercise… or at least do more squats.

I had my computer cleaned a few days ago. It’d been loud and hot, two things my computer shouldn’t be. It took less than 30 minutes to come all the way apart and back together and it’s running cool and smooth now, but when the guy was taking it apart, my heartbeat got a little bit faster with every screw he took out. I’m sure he could see the worry on my face; I was pretty much looking over his shoulder the whole time.

A couple weeks ago I stumbled into a small cafe with a couple colleagues after the pizza place next door failed to make a pizza (they used ketchup instead of tomato sauce and I’m not sure the cheese was real)… and me a group of lovely young ladies who, by my request, taught us how to play Mahjiang. It’s very similar to Jin/Rummy. I’ve been going back there often, for one they have smoothies, milkshakes and really delicious brunch-like meals, and two, the young women there are friendly and don’t speak English very well, which means I can practice and study my Chinese there. It all works out rather well.

I started a new workout regiment at the beginning of April and surprisingly I’ve been able to force myself into doing it almost every day/night. It’s paying off too, I’ve started to notice a bit of bulking and trimming going on. Next is to start cardio. “Everyone” keeps saying burpees are great cardio/full body workout, so that’s what I’m going to add, as well as start working more on dynamic exercises. I want to add more power and more burst to my strength, so that’ll be added in slowly. Overall worth it, even though it’s a drag to get myself started. Part of this new regiment to for health reasons and part is that I’m going to be an extra in a superhero type film next April and I want to be in peak physical shape before I become immortalized in a movie. It’s called Code 8. It’s a crowd-funded film being produced by Robbie and Stephen Amell, who can be seen in the TV series Arrow. I’m wicked stoked about this.

Tickets have been purchased for my return to the states. I will be home before the end of July. I’m very much looking forward to seeing everyone. Also, if you want to get way ahead of the lines you’re welcome to start making plans with me now, if you really miss me.

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for tuning in, see you next time on The Awesome Adventures of DAN!!!

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