April, Seriously

April, Seriously

I don’t do April fools, I try to avoid all things April 1st, like people, the internet, anything else that isn’t people and the internet, seriously… not my thing. SO, now it’s over and I can write something…

The weather keeps getting nicer, and the air cleaner, and the sky clearer. I’ve been more energized recently and more organized, however my diet is in need of an adjustment toward the healthier spectrum of foods…

Yesterday I spent the evening rollerblading and juggling (both on and off of a balance beam), and earlier this week I found myself climbing around on the giant cement rock-like structure on campus. I’ve implemented a new workout regiment, and I’ll be doing my best to stick to it, kind of a challenge in itself. Aside from feeling really good, it feels really good to be doing things out in the sun again.

I realized recently that even though my body arrived here in China at the beginning of September, my mind has only just caught up. During most of the first semester my thoughts were glued to planning everything I might do once I got home, but now I’m feeling considerably more present. I’m still really looking forward to my return to the states, but I’m not caught up in it anymore which is making my stay here much more enjoyable. Moving here has been a massive change, I really didn’t expect to need such a long period of time to adjust, but I’ve gained valuable experience, insight into myself that perhaps this adventure has been worth while… On the side though, still wicked bummed to be missing so much in the states: friends getting married, friends having children, favorite bands and poets (and old friends) performing in and around Boston. This has been a difficult experience, being cut off from everything I know and everyone I love, I really hope the impact of this change in perspective is permanent and as helpful as I think it can be with the fruition of what I want in my life… (possibly a long discussion for another time/place if you’re interested)

I decided not to travel around after my contract expires in July, I’ll be heading straight home. I think traveling around the world more is something I’d like to do sometime, but with a friend or two and with less really heavy luggage. My strong desire to do some climbing in the south of China has morphed into a strong desire to be home and walk around the woods, something I haven’t seen since I’ve been here and I really need.

If you didn’t make it to the comments in my last post, the swelling in my knee starting going down the next day, and is currently back to a normal amount, I guess…

Last weekend I caught the flu, it was catch and release though, there’s no sport in keeping it… All of the normal pains of sickness, I held my toilet bowl firmly for most of the first night, and as soon as I could stomach stuff again I fed myself lots of really healthy things and was back on my feet two days later. That was probably the most exciting thing that’s happened during the past month… Aside from this GORGEOUS weather.

I can’t really think of anything else, I’m keeping things simple. Days consist typically of: class prep, class, food (either from the cafeteria or some noodles and veggies I cook), some form of exercise outside and a short workout inside, mindless enthrallment from fictional TV shows, and vidja games (currently become significantly less interesting). People keep asking me where I going to travel, and I’m like… why do I have to go anywhere?

Keepin’ it real. Hope you’re all well.

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