The Dull Mundane

The Dull Mundane

Dull, mundane, boring… I’ve been trying to force myself to jot something down here, but not a lot has happened in the last month here. Don’t go getting worried about me now, I’m entitled to some boredom…

This past month has been getting colder. We had a snow a couple weeks ago which turned into a sheet of ice that covered campus and it seems the Chinese haven’t learned that salt melts ice so they were banging shovels against the pavement for three days.

Any day that’s at least 35*F I’ve been walking around in a T-shirt, in addition to pants and boots, and sweating slightly. It seems I’ve been running more energy, and for those who don’t know what that means… I’ve just been extra warm… at least while I’m out and about.

Thanksgiving was non-existent for me this year. There was an event for expats in the city but it started late into the evening and it was cold and I was tired, so I didn’t end up going.

Daylight saving time happened at some point, now I’m 13 hours ahead of folks in Boston which is significantly more confusing than being just 12 hours ahead for some reason…

My brother is coming to visit this weekend, tonight actually, and I’m quite looking forward to it. I’ve been really happy and thankful to have been able to form a friendly and trusting relationship with my brother. Additionally, someone else is planning to visit in a couple months which I’m really excited about… more about that once I see the ticket and arrival date.

…Currently, the water is off at my apartment and my roomie and his wife are scrambling around trying to figure out a way to get water to flush the toilet because it’s been adding to it all night and all day. Also, they are trying to prepare for her b-day party this evening which we are all heading to in the next hour or two.

So, the last month has been a bit dull, but things are getting heated up even though the weather is cooling down… The next month is final projects and exams for my students and then I begin my winter vacation.


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