What Once Was Lost Is Now Regained…

What Once Was Lost Is Now Regained…

In addition to regaining I am also still discovering and learning new, strange, and obvious things that I somehow just missed before…

I’ve regained my passport from the office of residential permits or some-such, which has allowed me to finally get a SIM card for my phone and now I have a working number in China. Phone plans are rather cheap here thankfully. I’m paying 65RMB a month for 700MB of data, with more minutes and texts than I’ll use… that’s roughly $10USD a month.

I found a solution to the super shy students sitting in my class everyday. Give them lines and have them perform something. I gave my students 15 minutes to come up with a short scene, and they did, and they were awesome, both the students and the scenes. There was creativity, good use of language, excitement and laughter, and suddenly all my shy students were having fun and participating, and speaking. So I am going to brainstorm ideas/topics for more performing opportunities in the hopes that this might be a way to crack those shells keeping everyone so reserved. Of course I will keep up other activities, but I’m just glad to have found something everyone enjoys so much.

I figured out workarounds for the old technology provided in the classrooms. I had forgotten you can save PPTs to older formats, so now I can open them on the computers here which only run MOffice2003. In another classroom I dug around and found one of those computer screen cords and I just plug in my laptop and use the projector directly… the computer that I’m bypassing in that room is at least a decade old running Windows XP.

I have found a meal that I’m content with eating every day. It’s not the most exciting thing, and eating the same food kind of sucks, but the choices I’ve encountered are rather disappointing. It’s chicken, potatoes, green beans, cauliflower and rice, with diced chilies cooked in. I have also discovered 打包 dabao, takeout. Now I go in for dinner, and leave with a few meals for the next couple days. This works well when I’m hiding from the world.

I have rediscovered how reclusive and introverted I am. I love people and meeting new people and going out and having fun, but I desperately need to shut myself in my room and not have any human interaction for extended periods of time.

And now to quote my students:

Thanks, that’s all.

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