Expats, Parties & Mishaps, Plus More

Expats, Parties & Mishaps, Plus More

National Holiday was October 1st, and for this holiday we have one week of vacation that starts and ends in the middle of the week… I find that to be rather odd in itself.

I’m enjoying the week so far, mostly… The evening of October 1st, a couple nights ago, I attended the wedding party of a colleague of mine. A very nice German man who teaches French and has a Chinese wife, and lives next door to me. This party was at a bar called UK Impressions. There were a plethora of expats there, possibly everyone in the city that spoke English. I met a couple nice guys who enjoy more than just beers and loud music, which was nice considering most of everyone else seemed to only be there for the beer and loud music. I shared some good conversation, and a good double bacon cheese burger. It was a good night. These folks then invited me out for dinner last night at the only Mexican restaurant in all of Taiyuan (and also a pizza place, one of two in the city), which happens to be owned by a friend of theirs. So now I have the connects of the good eats in the city.

On the more unfortunate side of things, the school turned off the water a day before they announced they would, so I didn’t have any running water yesterday. Now it’s back on, and new and improved with hot water… but also brown water… I’m not sure how long it will take for the dirt to leave the pipes, but I’d really like to take a shower and end up clean, not covered in dirt residue… It’s been a couple days… The power also cut out for a couple hours, but only in our rooms, not the hallways… Now the industrial grade generators are running, which happen to be next to my building, so it’s been an interrupted, inconvenienced, and loud day.

I also learned that when talking about what university I work at it’s very important to say several times that it’s the Business College of Shanxi University, so people don’t assume it just Shanxi University, which is a totally different school in a totally different place… I was very confused by the conversation that carried on after I said where I was teaching, a couple times…

As soon as the blood moon total eclipse event passed I immediately became less tired and started eating food again. I was expecting it to fade as it did come, but I’m glad to be feeling a little more energized again. I don’t even remember seeing that moon, I think I slept somewhere in the range of 12-16 hours. On the food eating… I’ve become bored of the food here, and most of the flavors. They really like their spicy food here and all of the other flavors suffer in the shadow of hot ‘n’ spicy everything. I need to start cooking my own food…

If I don’t find something, or someone, truly enticing to spend my time with, I’m probably going to spiral into boredom. As strange and interesting this place is, I need something comforting, tangible, and familiar, and right now in my mind that’s either a girl to snuggle with or some serious rock climbing. I know, very different things, but they both fulfill the same requirement… Yeah, you can say it, I’m weird.

Well, since I made myself laugh a little with that last bit, I think this is a good place to stop. Loving you all. Until the next mildly interesting event interrupts the mundane…


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