Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is also a super blood moon/harvest moon total lunar eclipse. There are also a bunch of other celestial events going on that I don’t fully understand or remember, but it seems there’s a lot going on all around us right now.

I have been extraordinarily tired of late, so much so I skipped lunch today and yesterday. Some opinions have that the recent and current celestial phenomena have something to do with the energy levels of those sensitive enough to sense them, or maybe I’m just getting depressed… Hopefully in a couple weeks, when the stars have unaligned, I’ll be back to mild energy levels as opposed to minimal energy levels.

It’s been another week. I’m still alive. I got paid early because the person who pays us is getting married, grats to her, so now I’m 8,000RMB richer, approx. $1,200. I’m going to try to stash away 3/4 of my pay every month so I can come back to the states with some decent chunk of change, but that means spending minimally. Once I get my passport back from the city, which will hopefully be soon… I can start a bank account so I’m not just stashing chunks of cash around my apartment… I may do some travelling during the winter break, but not much other than that. People keep urging me to travel more, but… I really don’t want to. I just traveled to the other side of the planet, let me settle in a little before I even think about going anywhere else.

I have a week long vacation next week. It starts on Thursday and ends on the next Wednesday, and its existence was decided upon last week. China is not very well organized… This is a most troubling dilemma for me, as I am someone who relies on planning in advance. This may singularly be the reason that I don’t come back. I think I can deal with it for the year, but it irks me severely.

Classes are going well. Each week gets a little easier, and a little more organized on my part. I had to figure out how to download youtube videos because the site is inaccessible on the computers in class, so now I have slightly more fun video assisted presentations for my class. Although, most students are unable to comprehend a lot of the videos I’ve shown. I think it’s helpful to at least get the exposure of popular American media through video that they are otherwise unable to view.

I started taking an elementary level speaking/listening Chinese class to help refresh my memory and reinforce my foundation. There are four of us in the class. The other three students are the only Japanese students at the school that I’m aware of. So hopefully soon, even though they don’t speak English and I don’t speak Japanese, we can communicate in Chinese, which I just find hilarious.

That’s about everything on my mind at the moment. Other than my internet via VPN service keeps cutting out, which is just for access to banned sites like youtube, facebook and google, the internet here is pretty decent, considering.

I hope things are going well for all of you. Miss you. Peace.

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