First Week of Classes Done

First Week of Classes Done

I meant to give an update Friday evening, but I’ve been unreasonably tired, maybe it’s just the end of a long week, possibly the smoggy air, or the celestial events on the horizon, regardless, I don’t enjoy this exhaustion.

First week of classes done! Teaching 20-50 students at a time is quite the challenge for time management skills. Each class was slightly better in terms of organization, but each had a different group of students moving at a different pace… This is fairly challenging. I still have to make a lesson plan for my classes this week. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a few of my students and fellow teachers which has given me some great insight on how to organize my classes better and what to provide as content. I’ll be making lesson plans this afternoon and evening.

During class on Friday I found myself writing a list of numbers ascending, and by 7 or 8 I realized I was counting to myself in Chinese instead of English. I think the language is starting to sink in, at least the stuff I know. Learning new words is a bit challenging when people speak really fast, but I’m picking things up. I’m thankful to have had formal Mandarin Chinese classes, they have definitely made a difference and set me up to be successful in learning the language further here. I even brought the textbooks from the class with me, which are very well organized and clear, so I can continue to study them and solidify my knowledge of basic words and grammar while having endless auditory input from everyone around me.

On a different note: I miss kale, cape cod chips and peanut butter. Thankfully there is honey here and I brought maple syrup and some chocolate, but I’m feeling a lack of foods to buy, probably because when I look at the food on the shelves it’s like it’s in a different language… oh wait, it is. Shopping for food is not an easy task, thankfully the cafeterias has decent and super inexpensive food. I miss cooking though. I plan on starting a small vegetable garden, as soon as I get seeds and dirt.

Life is pretty much the same here except for the language and the food and the social interaction and the whole government privacy control stuff and the lack of rock climbing…

That’s all I have for now. Missing everyone dearly. Later.


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