This morning I woke to a knocking on the door. I opened it to find a young man and young woman were there, they were trying to tell me that I was supposed to teach a class today … I don’t start classes until next week. First there was panic, then there was outrage, then there was, well, lots of confusion. Only yesterday did I meet with someone from the department of foreign language who gave me my curriculum. So, I made my way to Zhengnan’s office (the woman I had been in contact with from previous months helping facilitate my arrival, also known as Norah) and she assured me that those people had been misinformed. She then handed me a new contract that doubled my monthly pay, I’m not quite sure why but I’m not going to complain about getting more money, and settled the matter, I’m starting classes next week.

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  1. Paul Costello

    Hi Dan, I just noticed the “leave a comment” option and I wanted to try it. Wow, doubling your pay in less than your first week in China…. I’d say you’re off to a pretty good start! How is the exploring going? love, Paul

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