I’ve Arrived

I’ve Arrived

After a little more than 30 hours of travel time I have finally arrived at Shanxi University, and figured out how to use the internet.

The air is much cleaner than I was expecting it to be. The apartment is less nice than I was expecting it to be. I suppose there needs to be some balance kept…

It’s currently a holiday of some sort and will be until after tomorrow, so I didn’t really get a proper welcome to the campus. It’s up to me to explore and figure out what’s going on around here myself. Fortunately, I made some friends on the flights here. During the most recent flight I met some guy who is some sort of government official and has offered to show me around the city and cook me dinner because I remind him of his son who he just dropped off in New Zealand for university. Things could be worse.

I’m off to do some exploring, walking around, even though it was suggested that I take a bus … somewhere … the topic was not elaborated on so I have no idea what bus or where it is/goes … so I’m going to walk around a bit.

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