A Personal and Professional Crossroads



Voice Acting

Much of life is spent finding one's voice... I've found many over the years and fun ways to utilize them. Voice Acting is simply a way to turn that passion into a career, and I look forward to the work to come.

Voice Description

Rich, textured and resonant, Dan brings out the fullness of words. His dynamic range spans from silliness to serious to textbook. Dan graduated with a degree in Communication from Curry College. He has a keen interest in non-verbals like pace, tone, inflection, and articulation. He also enjoys performing his poetry as spoken word, and on stage as an actor. Dan’s professional experiences in teaching and customer service positions have honed his communication skills into fine tools for any role.

I've always been curious, which has lead me down many paths. This is my humble collection of hobbies, works, passions, curiosities and potentially a few distractions. You may discover beautiful scenery and peculiar oddity, as well as listen to song, and spoken word. I have a couple business ventures casually strewn about, and growing, as I meander down curiosity's winding path.

Instagram has been a great enabler for me to share my story with the world. Click below and see what I've been up to in the last 24 hours: