Dream | Design | Create

Dream | Design | Create

Created long ago, in ancient times, there was once a… Wait, hold on! Wrong story folks… Here we go!

After graduating Curry College Magna Cum Laude, Dan set off to China for a year not only sharing language, skills and experiences most had not even imagined, but gaining some too. His journey there led him to find a deeper meaning in himself, his communities, and in life. He is now pursuing a couple life-longs dreams in the direction of health and fitness, as well as voice acting. Dan is also apprenticing with his father as a chimney sweep and mason.

Dan is… Poet. Dreamer. Warrior. Inventor. Philosopher. Adventurer. He is kindred.

A man of many walks...


Here you will find blogs, photography, poetry, small projects and a side business or two...


Expect nothing, and find surprise and joy in everything.