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Welcome to my humble collection of hobbies, works, passions, curiosities and potentially a few distractions. You may discover beautiful scenery and peculiar oddity, as well as listen to poem, song, and professionally recorded voice demos… Yes, I have a couple business ventures casually strewn about, and growing, as I meander down curiosity’s winding path.

A Little About This Dan Person

After graduating Curry College Magna Cum Laude, Dan set off to China for a year to teach English at a university. He shared new connections and experiences, opening the minds of his students to new ways of thinking, and learning his fair share as well. His journey there led him to find a deeper meaning in himself, his communities, and in life. He is now pursuing a couple life-longs dreams in the direction of health and fitness, voice acting, and steering toward dreams of engineering and design. Dan is currently apprenticing with his father as a chimney sweep and mason in the Pioneer Valley.

Voice Acting

Dan has recently entered the field of Voice Acting after taking classes and receiving professional training. He's seeking any role that allows him to be at least a little bit expressive with his voice, or in an educational/academic role. His preference is for short-form work, short stories (children's books would be great), commercials, PSAs, character roles in TV/Movies and Cartoons/Anime, narratives, and much more.

Click here or find Voice Work in the menu to listen to my commercial and narrative demos.

Team Beachbody

Beachbody, creator of programs like P90X and Insanity... Yeah, I've heard that before... and I didn't care either, not until I met someone who was actually doing them, regularly, and getting results. My roommate in college senior year, Tom, jumped into one of these programs with Xbox Live and eventually talked me into trying it too. Joining him was one of the best decisions of my life.

These programs aren't just a full fitness and nutrition guide for the duration of the program, but they connect you with a group of like-minded individuals (a community) who support each other (which includes you). You often see the successes of people who jump into programs like these, but joining in on the journey, you see the struggle and failures that lead to those successes. It really breaks down and humanizes the process. It also innately provides accountability and helps keep you on track to actually achieve your goals.